Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Analytical Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 4

Analytical Report - Essay ExampleIt compares these views in an an nonated bibliography of several sources. It focuses on the weaknesses in the current takeing methods used to teach ghostlike education. Upon successful exploration of these weaknesses, the report gives recommendations by different researchers to eliminate these weaknesses. The report focuses on global religions and societies as suggested by its title.The American Academy of piety (2010) indicates that there is high illiteracy of religions due to lack of proper teachings on the importance of religious studies in schools. It goes further to show that most students do not take religious studies seriously due to poor teaching. It emphasizes that most teachers do not have ample knowledge of guiding students to see the importance of religious studies. According to this source, religious studies are meant to assist students explore different views of societies regarding religions. Teachers should guide students to apprecia te the importance of religious studies instead of influencing them to hunt situation views of particular religions. Influencing students to follow and adopt particular religious leads to hatred of other religious.It was further discovered by The American Academy of Religion (2010) that faith-based expressions taught in religious studies should introduce students to intellectual the impact of religion on economic, social, political matters. The students will then recognize the impact of religion on these matters deepening their understanding of the religious matters. If students understand the berth of religion in the society, they will intensify their explorations on global religions and cultures. In the process, they will appreciate global religious diversity. Therefore, the students will avoid extreme stereotypes of particular religions and instead accept religious diversity (American Academy of Religion, 2010).There is massive support for non-devotional

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